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Tip Sheet
Yearly Maintenance Service: 

- A maintenance service should be performed on your cart annually.  During this service, we will check your tires, brakes,
   fluid levels, grease front-end, check batteries, battery water level and connections, lights, etc.  The cost for this service 
   is $50 for an electric cart.  We will notify you if any repairs are needed and provide you with an estimate.


- Check your water level twice a month.  Fill batteries to 1/8" below fill neck.  DO NOT overfill your batteries.  Use
   distilled water.  Battery fill bottles are an effective tool for filling batteries.
- Place a mat under your cart to prevent damage to your garage floor due to acid spillage.  We have a Puddle Blocker
   available for $35 to protect your floor.
- Battery terminals should be kept clean and connections should be checked monthly.
- When not in use, keep your cart on charge.
- Failure to keep your batteries charged can result in permanently decreasing the working life and run time of the 
- If leaving your cart for more than a month, you should have your cart checked monthly.  We offer a service plan to
   keep your cart in top running condition by checking the fluid level in your batteries, keeping it charged and driving
   the cart - which will reduce flat spots in your tires.
- Taking these precautions will prevent costly battery replacement and voiding of the warranty (if applicable).


- Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer's specifications.  Proper PSI can be found on the sidewall of the tire.
- Properly inflated tire levels will prevent uneven wear and loss of speed.
- Check regularly for damage, cracks, excessive wear and embedded objects.

Towing Your Golf Cart:

- Always place cart in tow mode when pushing or towing (if applicable).  Tow switches are usually located in the 
   battery compartment.
- Failure to place cart in tow mode can result in costly damages to your cart that are not covered under warranty.

NOTE:  When cart is not in use, place it in "neutral".